Over 70% of the US population showers in hard water. The quality of your water can greatly affect hair health and hair color service outcomes, as well as scalp and skin health. This kit will help you find out whats in your water and what you can do about it.


Includes FREE Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Treatment


What It Is:

This kit is a tool to test hardness of water (the presence of calcium and magnesium) and the presence of chlorine - the two factors that most adversely affect hair, scalp and skin issues. This kit also includes a comprehensive Water Analysis Guide to help you interpret the results of your water hardness test to better understand the specific effects your water is having on your hair and scalp.


Who Needs It:

Everyone who wants to learn what’s hiding in their water to discover how these elements specifically affect their hair and skin. These two quick and easy tests are beneficial for all ages and all hair types exposing their hair to hard or softened water. 


Kit Contains:

  • 1 Water Hardness Test Strip
  • 1 Vial Chlorine indicator
  • Easy Step-by-Step Testing Instructions
  • Water Analysis Guide
  • 1 FREE Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Treatment

Water Testing Kit